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Trail Etiquette on Public Lands

  1. When riding in areas with special status plants, no stopping will be allowed to protect sensitive resources from inadvertent damage when pulling off of a road
  2. All motorized travel is limited to existing roads and trails, the trails are indicated in blue on the map
  3. Wild horses are protected by Federal law and harassment of wild horses is prohibited
  4. Participants must stay 100 feet away from wild horses
  5. Do not feed or try to attract any wild horses towards you
  6. Keep dogs under control so they do not disrupt or chase wild horses
  7. Participants cannot disrupt or collect artifacts from a known archaeological site at any time. Prosection for knowingly distributing archaeological sites is possible

Trail Rules & Regulations

Participants provide their own off highway vehicle; take care of their own food and non-alcoholic beverages for the trip. Suggested essentials, beyond plenty of water, include sun protection, and layered clothing in case of changing weather circumstances that are always a possibility.

There are trails for all abilities, some for two-wheel drive vehicles, while others require seriously modified vehicles.

Vehicle safety equipment is extremely important. It is essential that participants stay on the designated routes, and that basic rules are followed.

Be sure to read and agree to the following rules and regulations.

Rangely is proud to be an “OHV Friendly” community. Operation of OHVs is allowed within Rangely town limits and on designated County Roads. OHVs are only permitted to cross State Highway 64/Main Street and State Highway 139.They are not permitted to drive down the State Highways.

  • Use safe driving practices
  • Riders are only permitted to cross State Highway 64/Main Street and State Highway 139
  • All OHVs must be equipped with the following:
    • At least one headlamp
    • At least one red tail lamp
    • Functioning braking system
    • Spark arrester
    • Muffler
    • Current Colorado Parks and Wildlife registration sticker
  • Know the speed limits:
    • 15 mph in Rangely, unless lesser speed limit designated by signage
    • 35 mph on County Roads, unless lesser speed limit designated by signage
  • OHV operators must have liability insurance coverage:
    • $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident and $15,000 property damage
  • Drivers in Rangely must have a valid Driver License
  • On County Roads, drivers over the age of 10 must be operating under the supervision of a person with a valid Driver License…Riders under 10 shall not operate an OHV.
  • In Rangely city limits OHV drivers can not allow a person to ride in a way that is dangerous or that may interfere with the operation of the OHV.